Wallstreet Recruitment

Clients - Our Methodology

The Requirement

We recommend that our clients provide a well documented specification to enable us to maximize the interest and commitment of the candidates. The specification will provide details of the requirement that will help us to define the candidate profile and gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients. Upon receipt of this information this will allow us to start the search and selection process of finding suitable, quality individuals with excellent matching skill sets.

The Selection Process

We conduct an in-depth search against the requirement combining existing database and network searches. We make a detailed assessment of suitable candidates and discreetly and carefully put together the best profiles for presentation. We only recommend candidates who have been thoroughly screened and referenced where appropriate.

The Interview Process

Once our clients have made their interview selection from the profiles received we remain closely involved and manage this process to ensure a successful outcome. We believe that it is essential to guide candidates through the preparation for the interview to ensure they are on the right path to success. We offer the best careers advice to the candidate and recommend that they carefully research and prepare before a meeting. Feedback from both parties is encouraged and communicated rapidly and is treated with respect.

The Offer

Following verbal advice of an offer of employment from our client the details are immediately advised and explained to the candidate.  The verbal response (i.e. acceptance) is promptly reported back to the client.  We ensure that the formal written offer issued by our client is received by the candidate and returned within the timeframe preferred.  We advise the candidate through the resignation process and remain in close contact with both client and candidate to ensure a mutually satisfactory start date